Press Release 11/01/18

MTR390-E successfully passes Key Milestone in Certification

Hallbergmoos (18 January 2011) - The new and more powerful Tiger engine MTR390-E recently achieved its one of the most important certification milestone: It successfully passed the mandatory 150 hours type testing without any problems.

During the most demanding endurance test the engine was operated at the maximum limits of the engine. Additionally at the end of the regular type testing the engine had to demonstrate the capability of the super emergency rating.

To run the engine to the extreme operating conditions it was necessary to wait for the suitable ambient conditions. At the end the MTR390-E performance was remarkable. The mechanical condition of the complete engine convinced the witnessing official authorities. With this result the engine is entering into the final phase of engine certification. Two Eurocopter Tiger helicopter with MTR390-E serial engines already run the flight test campaign for certification and qualification.

The inspection in early December 2010 called “dirty lay out” was witnessed by the national certification authorities of Spain, France and Germany. The participants during this inspection were (from left to right) Nestor Lasierra (INTA), Eva M. Molto (INTA), Benoit Auzias (Turbomeca), Jose Antonio Tornero (OPH), Jean-Paul Lagain (Turbomeca), Karsten Middendorf (OCCAR), Sylvain Boussiere (DGA), Benjamin Severin (WTD 61), Miguel Angel Oliver (ITP), Gerhard Ebenhoch (MTRI), Juan Carlos Peris (MTRI), Pedro de la Calzada (ITP), Juan Ignacio Ruiz Gopegui (ITP), Rolf Kleinstuck (MTU), Jörg Krause (MTU), Elena Lopez (ITP), Antonio Mur (ITP).